LESSONS and Technique Write

I have been endlessly struggling the last six months as I tried to get my final script out, looking for a publisher while keeping my bread-winning full-time morning job as a software development manager.

My novel is titled “Perplexed” and is finally being printed. I am starting my second novel now and it is about corruption in the Egyptian government.


When I had started writing my first novel, I had forced myself in the beginning to write everyday a couple of hours . . . after two or three weeks. I was spending more than eighteen hours writing on the weekends and eight hours on a normal working day. I have lived within the novel and seen my characters with my own eyes. This indulgence is what an author needs.

Lessons LeARNED:

  • In my second novel, I intend to do a few things differently.
  • I would share earlier drafts with friends and family for critique. I waited till after I finished the novel to show them what I had done. I had a strange overwhelming sense of privacy. I didn’t want anyone to see my work until it was done.
  • I would try to take a couple of weeks off my work and travel away from my normal life circumstances and surroundings, at least twice, when I start the novel to give me a boost and once again when I am finalizing the script.
  • I will get an audio recognition device so that I can just talk to my computer.

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