Guide to Become a Good Golfer

In some golfing experience, especially in the classy field, I see there are still many Golfer playing not meet the rules right. This happens, perhaps, because of not understanding the rules. Things like this, not rarely also occur in a tournament. I was asked, how is it possible, a familiar Golfer down the field, really, do not know the ethics play. So also in the way of hitting and attitude after hitting. Observations in the field or on the driving range, golf lessons are generally much get it from Caddy. In fact, to learn the correct golf, is not enough just from the Caddy.

Today in fact, has many Golf shop that sells books and CDs that discuss how to play golf the right. When I was in Japan, that is always recommended by the instructor. Apparently, with practice diligently and correctly, the results are fun. A blow so good, right and focused, even pleasing to the eye. Because of that, with practice diligently and correctly, certainly we can.

From the observation that, many on the internet that discuss the game of golf is good and right, one of Golf Platzreife capable of giving us tricks and tips about the game of golf is right and beautiful views.There are also other internet media is Golfshop that can help us in finding and choosing a cheap golf equipment and qualified to support our game.

Hopefully with the media online learning could be useful, especially for anyone who wants to learn golf. Who knows, in the future, could help produce Golfer Golfer Indonesia-reliable and able to speak at an international golf tournament arena. Good luck.


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