Why You Need Life Insurance Family ?

Lately, we often read and view media coverage from print and electronic media about the series of accidents which occurred throughout Indonesia. Not infrequently, in addition to grabbing life, accident also resulted in the victim must undergo hospitalization. In addition to creating a sense of grief, this disaster is certainly require not less financial magnitude in order to restore the health of the victims.

At the same time, disease outbreaks were scattered all around us. When the threat of Dengue Fever became a routine in every change of season, other diseases also emerging, one that caused outbreaks of diarrhea and vomiting there are many people who have to undergo hospitalization. As a result, many families have to spend a large expense to the process of healing in the hospital.

Departure from the second incident, every family should begin to realize the importance of anticipating unexpected events with protective measures. In this context, I want to convey about the urgency to purchase health insurance policies for each family in order to protect any family members from a variety of unforeseen events in the future.

Dynamics of Health Insurance

In corporative, every employee who has status as permanent employees generally could have been provided with health insurance package from the company work.

That need to be a reflection, every family head should begin to count, whether the health insurance scheme and the ceiling of the company is enough to protect the needs of health protection for every member of his family?

When the health insurance scheme of the company has not been sufficient, each family needs to think about purchasing a life insurance policy on an individual basis. Generally, health insurance policy provided by a limited company and applies to the spouse and a maximum of three children by a certain age.

If you are an employee who has a child more than three, or will be moved to a specified age limit, of course there are family members who are not the cover. That’s why you need to equip themselves with the purchase of individual health insurance policy so that all your family members get the maximum protection.

How it is with other professionals who are not protected by health insurance policies from the company? Surely they must be thinking since the early to protect themselves with health insurance. They may work as an art worker, aspirant certain professions such as freelance nature photographer, the merchants, grocery seller, or other professions that are not inherent in the company.

To avoid the huge expenses due to the emergence of a disease or an unexpected accident, every family should start thinking in this profession to be on guard to protect themselves through health insurance.

In general, almost all life insurance companies have a health insurance product. More than that, some of them that sell some type of health insurance. Life insurance industry players realize that the elements of health and fulfillment is an important aspect of family life and society, so they compete to provide quality products and services.

Of course, this condition is very profitable for every family or individual to be able to determine the choice of products according to their needs and financial capabilities. High degree of competition among actors in the insurance industry to provide health insurance policies surely will encourage the emergence of quality products, and it’s easier for prospective policyholders to obtain health insurance products that best fit their needs.

Various insurance companies generally offer health insurance policies that have similarities in terms of products and benefits. That need to be taken by every family is a comprehensive aspect of the program offered. Should, have taken products include coverage for (1) father, mother, and children, (2) all kinds of diseases, both outpatient and inpatient care, including critical illness and disability; (3) operating costs, consulting doctors, cost of hospitalization, and medicines; (4) labor costs, both normal and Caesarean.

Pragmatically, the insured / policy holder does not need to pay anything when they have to undergo treatment, during treatment costs are still within the limits of coverage are borne by insurance companies. Policyholders also have many options because companies health insurance providers have worked with many hospitals and clinics, in accordance with the ceiling terskema funds in a life insurance policy the insured.

Given the cost of hospital care will be more expensive in the future, now is the time for every family to have a health insurance policy to protect any family members from a variety of unforeseen events. You do not delay and contact your insurance agent near you. Then, discuss with them about your health insurance needs and the family. Make sure your family’s health protected, and all were preceded by the steps in protecting their anticipative you through the purchase of health insurance policy.


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