Tips Choosing the Right Life Insurance

Tips and accurate Choosing Life Insurance – Life insurance becomes a critical requirement related to financial planning. In recent years, unit-linked products, including life insurance category grew and gave a lot of offers. Should carefully before investing who have had this protection.

Choose products that provide space for customers to adapt to the needs and abilities. There is desirable products, because only by setting aside 10 thousand dollars per day, you can pay a premium for the protection and long-term investment. But not just cheap, you need to also examine the extent of adjustments that you can do.

For example, changing the investment benefits, in this case raises, reduce, or even eliminate the benefits of protection, according to the amount of premium. Is then the premium will also increase or follow the previous premium, if the customer then make adjustments as needed such benefits because of work.

Syafriadi Hutagalung, manager of an insurance agent life insurance said, should be representative of insurance products and adapt to the needs of customers. “Customers should be involved in managing finances. Old model, the financial institutions to act unilaterally in the ownership of the product is no longer relevant to see the present conditions, “explained the man who is often addressed to the Compass Adhie Female.

To ensure the product is safe, thorough financial institutions are also the product issuer. This can be seen from the professionalism of insurance agents. Ask whether the agent has a certification from the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI) for example. Could also recognize the company’s performance by measuring against the insurance industry recognition. Award of a number of economic media company’s performance, even the recognition of the world need to be taken into account.

Meanwhile, financial planners, Aidil Akbar Madjid said should select a pure life insurance. That means there are no payments from insurance companies for customers is still alive for the protection of certain diseases, which can be claimed by the publisher of unit-linked products. “Life insurance is a pure means of payment if the customer dies,” said Akbar.

Akbar admitted many facilities provided by the investors if they have a link unit. But the benefits can be obtained relatively small. Admittedly, the products in this advanced category can be very good for investment protection. But not necessarily compatible with each person.

Akbar advised people with incomes 2-3 million per month should choose other investment products. Investment products such as gold or precious metal deposits more appropriate. However, this option remains be returned to your needs, short, medium, long, and the risks.

We recommend that you select insurance products in more detail before discussing the advantages and disadvantages. Professional insurance agent should provide a space for discussion and not just “sell” products.



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