Agents will still be the mainstay insurance Product Sales

Current life insurance industry has opened a lot of marketing distribution channels, including through the “bancassurance”, despite that, the agent remains a mainstay in third party funds.

“The agency remains the mainstay for raising premiums. Look at the year 2003, from 76,093 agents from 50 insurance companies (17 local joint ventures and 33) managed to capture the premium Rp13, 765 billion,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI) Evelina F Pietrusckha, in Jakarta, Friday (13 / 5).

For that, said Evelina, the quality of the agents as the spearhead of marketing insurance products should continue to be improved, including equipping them with the licensing agency.

“It is important to give a good image for the agency.” In addition to improving quality, he said, the agents also need to get an appreciation for their hard work with such award bestowed on him.

“Giving this award to encourage the agents to collect deposits more at once to show the public that the agent could earn billions every year. If a potential agent, could have a larger income from the directors of the company where he works,” said Evelina.

On that basis, AAJI back will hold a Top Agent Award for the 19th which will berlangsungkan 9-10 May 2005 in Bali as a venue for prestigious national awards in the life insurance industry.

Chairman of the Executive Committee, Walia said Jimmy TAA, TAA this time is The New Horizon of Selling. “Thema was removed because the current way of selling insurance through changes. To be able to sell a product, an insurance agent must have a license agency.”

This, he says, represents a new paradigm in national life insurance industry. With the license, the insurance agent is expected to be more professional in selling or providing service to customers so that a proper selection of these themes.

Chairman AAJI Pietrusckha Evelina F fully supports the holding of TAA 2005 because this event can be used as a means of communication and improve the standardization of quality agents as well as a means of appreciation of the success of the national insurance agency.

“As the spearhead of companies, insurance agents also contribute to assist the government in social welfare of the community through family financial planning,” said Evelina.

According to Jimmy, this time to prepare TAA 7 categories include Agent of the Year, Best Quality Producer, Best Productive Senior Producer, Top Income, Top Premium and Top Policy. “Special Group Insurance Premium Downloadable put up one category,” said Jimmy.

In addition to giving gifts, TAA is also used as a platform to motivate the agents of life insurance through self-development seminar that presents a motivator James Gwee.


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