Alex Noerdin Insure delivering newspapers in Kilkenny 1000

A total of 1000 deliveryman or retailers and newsagents in the city of Palembang, guaranteed life insurance so that in carrying out everyday activities can feel more calm and protected.

Insurance policy for residents who work as newspaper deliveryman and agents in carrying out duties given to delivering newspapers to the customers feel more calm and get protection, said H. Alex Noerdin in Palembang, Monday.

According to him, insurance policies have been handed over to the bus drivers, taxi drivers, a motorcycle, pedicab drivers, and was last submitted to the 1000 deliveryman or retailers and newsagents in Palembang on 10 August 2008.

According to Alex, the provision of life insurance is a concern for the deliveryman and the newsagent’s every day without rest, either directly or go to the customer peddle from house to house so that important information can be immediately up and acknowledged by the wider community.

“They (the messenger and agent – ed), deserves our attention because the newspaper delivered to subscribers every day is a tough task especially at high risk accident on the highway, so it needs to be assisted and protected through the provision of life insurance policy,” said former Regent Musi Banyuasin it.

According to him, specifically the deliveryman and targeted newsagent warranty given as many as 2,000 people have life insurance, plus more before the pedicab drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers within the last year alone the number has reached 27 thousand people.

“Concerning a program providing free life insurance are, in the year 2008 it has been programmed as much as 100 thousand people to the bus drivers, taxi drivers, motorcycle taxi drivers, including delivering newspapers and agencies in South Sumatra,” he added.

While the leadership of Islamic Life Insurance Branch, Hj. Sumiyati, separately said that each participant is given an insurance policy valued at USD 50 thousand, or a total assistance of Alex H. Noerdin reached USD 50 million with a mortgage when the accident died from Rp 10 million and injured at least secured USD 2.5 million per people.


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  1. How you find ideas for articles, I am always lack of new ideas for articles. Some tips would be great

  2. I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

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