Being American Health System in Order Bottom

According to the research that was launched on Tuesday, the United States health care system in the lowest position when compared with other developed countries in terms of quality, access and efficiency.

Research conducted by the Commonwealth Fund found that the United States, as a nation that has the most expensive health system in the world, shows the relative performance under other countries.

Other facts also show that the American population does not have universal health insurance coverage.

“It turned out that America is the only country that does not provide universal access to health care and medical services in the promotion of` home ‘for patients, “said Karen Davis, president Commonwealth Fund.

“Our failure to provide health insurance to all people and develop a stable relationship and long-term patient-doctor inter, proving the bad performance of our health services in terms of quality, access, efficiency, fairness, and results of health services,” he said.

Research in the form of interviews with the doctors-patients in Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, and America is digging the picture of health systems based on experience and their personal views.

Apparently, the results showed that the youngest American ranked in almost all respects, including access to health care, patient safety, service without any time-limits, efficiency and fairness.

American population is also at the backward position in terms of whether they get a regular doctor.

“Americans spend about two times more than the average health sector expenditures other developed countries, but obviously we do not get the service that is equivalent to the money,” Davis said.

He also noted that approximately 45 million Americans, or 15% of the total population, have no health insurance, which then adds misery to the country’s healthcare sector.

Americans are also far behind in terms of adoption of health information technology, which translates into cost writhed and inadequate services.

“We prided ourselves as a developed nation in various fields of technology but not in the field of health information technology,” Davis said, “While other countries already one step ahead of us.”

England in the study get top ranking, then there is the German in second place. The next sequence is New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and finally the United States.

Other research tries to examine why health care costs in the U.S. so expensive, higher than eight other countries joined in the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development: Australia, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, and New Zealand.

The results showed that although the population of Americans pay more for health insurance sector – public or private – still, they have the potential years of life lost due to circulatory and respiratory diseases and diabetes.

“This study breaks many myths about the health system in the United States,” said Davis.

“We spend three times more money than the average of other countries for the cost of hospital care, and we also pay two times more expensive than average outpatient in another country.”

Health services is one of the most important issue in the presidential elections in 2008, which disemarakkan by some candidates who promised to cut costs and expand health insurance ownership.


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