Bumiputera Foreign Insurance Deal

Life Insurance Bumiputera (AJB) in 1912 will never be afraid to face competition from foreign companies, especially joint ventures, although there are several joint ventures is starting to equate the acquisition of total premiums.

It was announced by Managing Director of Life Insurance Bumiputera Madjdi Ali said after a meeting with agents achievement of Bumiputera in Nusa Dua, Bali, Sunday (12 / 6).

It said any competitor’s behavior, we still have a powerful weapon that will never be deterred, that can mengalang togetherness among agents, management and customers.

“Togetherness is a powerful weapon for Bumiputera so it is still able to survive more than 90 years.”

Among the competitors Bumiputera company that has begun to equalize the amount of the premiums, among others, AIG Lippo and Manulife.

Although now there are the same, Bumiputera still be a “market leader”, said Madjdi Ali, who was greeted loud applause from the agents.

According to her, from 56 life insurance companies operating in Indonesia, Bumiputera able to achieve 20% market share, with the acquisition premium of more than Rp3, 10 trillion.

“We can only expects premium growth of up to 20%, but because we will improve financial performance and a more robust portfolio, the premium growth target for 2005 is 10% only, although its realization far above the target.

“The task ahead is, ready to pay for our promises to our customers who have run out of contracts and policies to improve efficiency and improve the financial quality better over time. The promise that we have already proved, that every year Bumiputera unable to pay insurance claims around Rp2 trillion, or Rp169 billion per month. If in one month, only 20 working days, Bumiputera already made commitments to pay claims Rp8 mylar Rp1 billion per day or per hour., “he said.

Pursuing growth in premiums is much easier than ever to meet the obligations it promised, said Ali with facial expressions Madjidi fiery.

On that occasion, he also praised the outstanding agent who has successfully won several competitions agents conducted by the Association of Indonesian Life Insurance (AAJI).

Competition agent who attended more than 1000 agents in Nusa Dua, Bali, the Bumiputera category won three out of six categories diperlombakan.

Category that peling prestigious, namely Top Agent Award of the Years for the year 2004 achieved by Andjari Yunus (54) of 1912 Insurance.

“Siapaun commissioners and directors will feel proud of the personal witness of the company’s agents can reach the star’s achievement. Especially that took place during four consecutive years to retain the crown champion Top Agent Of The Years,” he said.


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