Indonesia Insurance agents isolated in the International

The insurance agent from Indonesia, until now still isolated on the international community because the meeting has not yet asossiasi registered as a member of Asia Pacific Financial Services Association (APFSA), an association of the soul asuansi agents in Asia Pacific.

Not yet registered life insurance agents, said Ida Kurainy, associate director Ida Kurainy, after a featured speaker at the Congress Aplic / Asia Pacific Life to the 8th Congress in Genting, Malaysia, Sunday, because in Indonesia there is no special association life insurance agent.

In Indonesia, according to Ida, who was just like the Insurance Companies Association of Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI) General Insurance Association of Indonesia (AAUI). Both institutions were not only represents insurance companies in the insurance agent. “Therefore, the formation of the association agent in Indonesia is very urgent,” said Ida.

He demonstrated the existence of associate agents in Malaysia. “Here, there are life insurance agents association namely Namlifa (National Association of Malaysian Life Insurance and Financial Advisors), while associations of insurance companies is Liam (the Association of Malaysian Life Insurance).” In Indonesia there is only AAJI so that we can not represent Indonesia Aplic meeting that, “he said.

Number of members APFSA currently 18 countries in Asia Pasific.Selain Vietnam, Indonesia is the only country in ASEAN that are not yet members APFSA. Therefore, according to him, Indonesia needs to immediately make the association of life insurance agents are not isolated from the community to an international meeting like the meeting Aplic today.

“The number of agents in Indonesia are now more than 80 thousand of agents, but do not have a clear container so that if there are agents who have a problem, such as an agent of Prudential Life, and other insurance companies, there is no advocacy, legal and moral defense of the associations concerned. Conversely, if there are insurance agents who violate the code of ethics, then no sanctions, “he said.

Answering questions from AFP, he said, “My presence as a speaker here, just because intercourse alone and my ability in the field of life insurance. Therefore, I am sad to see many participants from Indonesia, about 100 people joined the meeting an agent here, the personal name which does not represent a nation.

Aplic meeting attended by about 10,000 people in Genting’s agents, he said, enough to contribute to the tourism industry, because in addition to agents who joined the Congress, it turns out they also bring the family.

“If Indonesia has a container of insurance agents and registered as a member APFSA, it can be proposed Indonesia as the host at a gathering of life insurance agents who carried out once every two years,” he said, adding, introduction to Indonesia through international forums to be done. Meanwhile, a number of Indonesian life insurance agents, like Michael and Janet, who took part in the meeting, wants the establishment of a container agents.

“We hope that, by 2009 Indonesia will host the meeting this Aplic, home this year, Indonesia already has life insurance agents association,” said Michael.


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