It is expected that the population of the Republic of Indonesia in 2009 Have Health Insurance

Health Minister (Menkes) Siti Supari Fadillah hope during his tenure (2004-2009) at least 75% of Indonesian population who number around 175 million people have health insurance.

“So then the doctor can no longer act arbitrarily, drug prices under control and the quality of health services could be improved,” he said in Jakarta on Monday (8 / 8) night.

He explains to reach that target since January and the Ministry of Health in cooperation with PT Askes (Persero) implement health maintenance program for the poor with health insurance card issued to liberate them from the cost of health care and medication.

“But for people who can surely they must have health insurance at their own expense, not with the cost of government,” he explained.

Menkes explains, the government allocated funds amounting to Rp1 trillion for the programs that are aimed to liberate the poor from the costs of health services and treatment.

“We have liquid funds of Rp500 billion, Rp500 billion remaining will be liquid again in a few days,” he said in front of dozens of employees of PT Askes.

President Director of PT Askes (Persero) Sutadji Andari Orie said that until June 2005 it had to record all the poor people whose numbers were 36,146,700 inhabitants according to BPS data, and has issued 31,574,486 (87.35%) for their health insurance card.

The number of cards have been issued, said Orie, 78.34% of whom have been distributed to eligible residents.

According to him a number of health services like treatment at the PHC, pemeriksanaan pregnancy, and parturition as well as infant examinations have also been given.

He explained the constraints faced by PT Askes in running these programs include the differences in data on the number of poor people between BPS and Local Government (Pemda).

“The difference between them, approximately 18.5 million. And when coupled with the number of victims of disasters and the poor and homeless in major cities total number of poor people in Indonesia could reach about 60 million inhabitants,” he said.

Responding to such differences Minister of Health said it would provide insurance for all poor people on the ground with running water.

In another part, the Secretary General of Ministry of Health Sjafi `i Achmad said that the government provide funds Rp3, 7 trillion from Rp11, 9 trillion national budget for health in order to run these programs are continuing.

“So do not worry about money anymore,” said Menkes.


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