Michael Jackson Life Insurance Only U.S. $ 3 Million

The rumor that Michael Jackson’s life insurance reached a value of U.S. $ 13 million more are untrue. Recently the party who appointed him to manage legacy treasure called only received some U.S. $ 3 million just from the life insurance.

John Branca and John McClain, two people appointed by the late Michael to complete the division of property inheritance and take care of everything After the death of Michael, decided immediately to take care of this insurance problem. Some speculate that these two men did not want to get life insurance he could not be disbursed if proven drugs are the cause of death of the deceased.

ContactMusic also mention that there is a possibility of AEG Live will lose the opportunity to get insurance payments that reportedly reached a value of U.S. $ 17.5 million because insurance does not include deaths from drug abuse problem. Autopsy leaks both Michael, it was said, it mentions that propofol was the cause of heart attacks experienced Michael who eventually claimed his life late last June.


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