Five state Insurance Launches Online Service

Five state Insurance PT Taspen, PT Jamsostek, PT Askes, PT Jasa Raharja, and launched the Indonesia Insurance Asabri Shared Service Platform (Insure Net) platform along with services and transactions online.

Net InSure program launch was conducted in the Office of the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises, Jakarta, Thursday (15/10).

In addition to State Enterprises Minister Sofyan Djalil witnessed, was also present five state-owned insurance is the Managing Director and CEO of Telkom Rinaldi Firmansyah.

“This is a synergy of these two fields of information technology after SOE’s banking IT synergies,” said Sofyan.

Net InSure that Telkom’s as liaison with insurance institutions and other health actors entities such as the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare providers, regulators, including with other financial institutions.

According to Telkom’s Managing Director, Net InSure this technology solution can cut costs up to 30% of insurance companies, and business growth mempercapt health care / insurance.

For the first phase, a total of 123 million data of participants from five insurance companies red plates are now incorporated in the Insure Net.

Net InSure is currently developed in stages, where in the first phase will commence with the development of joint membership data.

Participant data insurance in the Association of State-Owned Insurance (Asgara) had been successfully combined, the data is expected to be used more than 700 medical institutions such as hospitals, polyclinics, and health centers for the verification process participant data.

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