Purchasing automobile coverage it can become expensive and for some individuals it can become quite difficult to pay for coverage. Fortunately, carriers understand that policies can be somewhat unaffordable if they were to be paid in full and offer consumers a few different ways of paying for and maintaining auto insurance. Policy terms are usually in the form of 3, 6 or 12 months which can be paid up front, but most insurers will allow for these policies to be paid monthly which can help individuals stay insured. Unfortunately for some motorists they may have unique factors that can make premiums down right unaffordable; whether they have had multiple tickets and/or accidents, have several vehicles or have a newly licensed teen, coverage can get quite expensive and they may not be able to pay the for the full term of the policy. Individuals who find themselves in this situation may be better off choosing month to month car insurance plans which can be started up will smaller up front costs and continued by making monthly installments to the provider; although this can be a bit more manageable, there are a few negatives of doing so, but staying insured may just out weigh these cons.

Pros and Cons of Monthly Car Insurance

The obvious benefit of locating an insurer who will allow for a policy to get started with only a portion of the premium to be paid is the ability for consumers to have the ability to avoid having to pay a big lump sum and not break the bank when getting auto insurance. For certain individuals, policies can reach thousands of dollars per term and to be quite honest, there probably are not many people who want to dish out that kind of money or there are those who simply cannot; paying for coverage on a month to month basis is usually the choice for such individuals and fortunately, there is the option to do so. However, there is one major down side to choosing to pay for policies monthly and as mention it may be worth it just to stay insured at all times. The bad thing about making installments is that it can become far more expensive than paying premiums in full. For one, most insurers will give a discount if a policy is paid up front simply because they are receiving payment for a term and feel that they are guaranteed the business for the length of the policy. In addition, paying on a month to month basis also poses the risk of missing a payment or being late which can assess late fees and a lapse in coverage. Another negative is that many carriers charge a billing fee in the range of $10 per month which over the course of the year can end up costing the consumer an additional $120 on fees that are not including coverage.

Getting insured is important and the way that a person wishes to pay for such a product is up to them and their financial situation; the best way to determine what method is best is to shop smart and get informed on the fees and the difference in premium for the various payment plans. If keeping some cash on hand feels better than doling out a big chunk of change then maybe making payments is the best option. Also when shopping, it is important to shop smart; most states have consumer guides such as the one provided by the Maine Department of Insurance to help residents become better shoppers; it may be a good idea to refer to your state’s guide while choosing an insurer.

In order to get a good rate and determine whether you want to pay auto insurance month to month or to be sure you are paying the absolute best rate.


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