Generating Exclusive Insurance Leads by Using SEO

Exclusive health lead generation through your agent website is a great resource for your insurance business.

Are you furnished with an internet site by your health insurance company to assist you generate health insurance leads? Are you putting your health insurance internet site to full usage to yield health insurance leads or is it sitting there with minimal or zero hits? There is a method known as search engine optimization that can aim traffic to your health insurance broker internet site and assist you generate more exclusive health insurance leads. Here is how to apply this tool for your health insurance business…

Have you ever tried locating your health insurance internet site by looking for it on google or yahoo? The possibility is that it’s concealed 100s or even 1000s of pages into the search results and will never be discovered by a genuine health insurance purchaser looking at to purchase health insurance from you. These are the figures you’ll see whenever you google the terms Health Insurance Quotes: Results 1 – 10 of almost 7,150,000 for health insurance quotes.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method that assists people discover your health agent internet site by increasing page ranking by your web site in google, yahoo, or additional seach engines as people type in keywords searching for health insurance quotes in your specific region.

There are 2 components most search engines apply to ascertain page rankings: Trust and relevance.

Trust is ascertained by how many additional pertinent sites are linked up to your internet site and relevance is ascertained by the manner key terms are laid out in your internet site. So how do you apply this knowledge to add hits to your internet site and generate health insurance leads?

1. The trust element

Here seems to be the single most authoritative factor in assisting your health insurance internet site climb up quickly in seach rankings.

You need links from additional health insurance related websites in order to achieve this. Don’t waste your time or revenue on link exchanges, they in reality will damage your health insurance internet site page ranking.

Best Sources for health insurance internet site links:

Insurance Forums: These are places where agents go to ask questions about Health Insurance issues and a lot of health insurance brokers take part in assisting them on answers. After a couple of posts, they permit you to have a signature added that contain a hyperlink to your internet site! A few even pay you to post, like ampminsure, so you are able to make a little additional for gas money. They are likewise an first-class place to network with additional brokers to acquire beneficial ideas for your health insurance business.

Your Health Insurance Lead Company:

If you are purchasing health insurance leads, a lot of these companies will allow for a hyperlink to your health insurance internet site site if you ask. It is just portion of their health insurance broker purchaser commitment plan.

Ask additional health insurance brokers to hyperlink to your internet site and reciprocally link to theirs.

Begin an informational web log that hyperlinks to your health insurance website:

The last alternative is costly but it works well: Register with your local chambers of commerce and posting yellowpages ads. These both allow for high caliber hyperlinks to your health insurance webpage.

2. The relevance component

SEs likewise look at the relevance by your internet site to ascertain page ranking. They are searching for quantities of key words in your health insurance broker internet site.

Consider how many times I have utilized the keywords: Health, insurance broker, internet site, in this article or for that matter in any of my posts. If you have the ability to edit your health insurance broker website make it keyword rich. For instance if you were an agent who advertises in Corona, CA. You’d prefer to have the keywords health, insurance, quotes, Corona, CA, inexpensive, Rates, as much as possible in the text and titles of your health insurance broker internet site.

If you don’t have the power to edit your health insurance broker internet site I advise doing a health insurance broker web log as discussed earlier in this article.

This is a time consuming process that won’t see overnight consequences but if worked at across a few months will begin to generate good exclusive health insurance leads that will add to your success as a health insurance broker.


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