Kwik Fit Insurance issues severe weather warning

Leading UK insurance intermediary Kwik Fit Insurance has issued a severe weather warning – for drivers to take extra care as Britain continues to shiver under heavy snow and freezing conditions.

A combination of heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures have severely hampered public transport across the country and increased the risks for drivers struggling to get to work.

Managing Director Brendan Devine said: “The amount of snowfall over the last few days has been extraordinary, the heaviest in 18 years. While Britain remains under this blanket of snow, it is important everyone takes steps to protect themselves and others on the road.

“Accidents are predicted to soar throughout this current cold snap, however simple adjustments to the way we drive can help alleviate the dangers. A few precautions and steps can make a real difference and ensure that everyone arrives safely at their destination.”

Brendan set out his top tips for drivers about to head off in the car.

1. Before setting out, listen to local weather and travel advice on the radio or on TV.

2. Always allow extra time for your journey and tell someone of your destination and expected arrival time.

3. Braking sharply in freezing conditions can result in a skid, so reduce speed gradually. It’s good practise to drop down a gear when braking, allowing your engine to slow the vehicle.

4. Give yourself time to check your vehicle before setting out. Check tyre pressure and tread, make sure wiper blades are working, top up your water with window wash suitable for low temperatures and ensure lights are clean and in good working order.

5. Be patient. You should expect your journey to take longer, so don’t rush or try to hurry others along, or you run a greater risk of an accident.

As snow melts, the onset of expected ice forming on Britain’s roads over the next few days will increase the dangers further.

Helen Chivers from The Met Office said: “The problems which we expect to see this week over and above continued snow fall is the forming of ice on our roads. Temperatures overnight are falling below freezing meaning that even if snow is melting, there is a particular danger at night and in the mornings of widespread ice. The snow isn’t over yet though, with further flurries expected by the end of the week.”


Notes to editors: Kwik Fit Insurance Services was launched in 1995 and has grown to become one of the UK’s leading car insurance distributors, well as a major presence in home insurance as well as insurance markets.

The company’s award-winning call centre at Uddingston, Lanarkshire, now employs almost 1000 people, handling 10 million calls every year.

Since its launch in 1995, Kwik Fit Insurance Services has grown and developed into one of Scotland’s most dynamic contact centres.

Kwik Fit Insurance Services is part of the Kwik Fit Group which was sold to private equity firm CVC Europe in November 2002. In June 2005 it was purchased by private equity firm PAI Partners. The philosophy of the business is unchanged – to provide the best possible service to customers.


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